Accreditation Service


All SETA/QCTO accredited training providers must register with Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) by 30 November 2018. Providers must prioritise their accreditation to prevent getting caught up in the last minute rush – there’s only a FEW months left!


Summarised Accreditation Application Requirements


Quality Management System – either buy a DIY toolkit with templates, guides and spreadsheets for own customisation, or outsource to Æther (easily adaptable to the requirements of all the different SETA’s)

  1. Policies and procedures
  2. Mission & vision
  3. Objectives
  4. Organisational Chart
  5. Evidence of financial viability
  6. Responsibility matrix
  7. Document control registers
  8. Customer satisfaction
  9. Corrective action system

Learning Programme design and development delivery and evaluation:

  1. Buy training material from Æther
  2. Programme curriculum
  3. Strategy and alignment matrix
  4. Learner guides
  5. Facilitator pack
  6. Assessor’s guide
  7. Internal Moderator’s guide
  8. Candidate guide
  9. Audio / visual material, where applicable
  10. Service Level Agreement, to authorise use of training materials

Evidence of Financial Viability:

  • Æther provides consultation on the required records that must be submitted by the Training Provider.

ETD Staff:

  1. Facilitators
  2. Assessors and Moderators must be contracted for application purpose.

Contact Æther for a quote.